The Deep Rock


You’re Covered… For Your Entire Life.

Deep Rock Foundations confidently warranties our work and attaches that warranty to the house, not just to the homeowner who paid for repairs. Our time tested and proven methods of concrete pressed pile foundation repair is so reliable that we have no problem extending a warranty for a lifetime. While the likelihood of any movement in the future is incredibly low, there is added security and value we can offer you and for anyone else who will own your house in the future.  Deep Rock Foundations warranty remains with the property after the sale of the house to a new owner and can be transferred to be in their possession.

How to Transfer

Your Warranty

  1. Contact Deep Rock Foundations to begin the transfer process.
  2. Provide us with the following documentation:
    • A copy of the title deed for the house with your name on it
    • a copy of the original Deep Rock Foundations contract
    • a copy of the diagram of piers installed
    • a copy of the warranty signed by our team

*See contract for additional details.

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