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Deep Rock Foundations

Who We Are

“This is the best experience with a contractor that I have ever had.”

Deep Rock Foundations proudly serves the over 7 million residents in the Greater Houston Area. We are a family owned and operated business committed to the long-term vision of building a legacy business for our children and grandchildren to inherit. It is with great care and integrity that we have engineered an outstanding quality control process to ensure that every home leveled is done right the first time. Likewise we have built an inspiring customer service experience so that every client we have is well informed and highly satisfied with our work. 

“This is the best experience with a contractor that I have ever had.” Cindy

I heard these words some time ago and then again uttered in many different forms over the years. Just look at our reviews. We care about our clients and their homes because we believe that when we do great work, are always honest and take the time to care about what our others need, that a business will stay strong and healthy for generations. We have put all our focus into foundation repair and being specialist at our trade. This is important to us because it enables us to master what we do and have highly satisfied clients every time. When we are helping people and restoring those around us, we can operate with higher purpose and higher vision. People say, “Derek, I can see you are passionate about foundation repair.” And I understand what they see, but the truth is that I am passionate about doing the best job I can do and about helping people because at the end of the day you can stand proudly and know that what you did was good.

For your home, if you are looking for experts, with experience; If you are looking for a specialist who knows how to level your foundation correctly; If you are looking for the satisfaction of a job well done, then we may be the company for you. As you build your own legacy for your children to inherit, we are here to serve you by providing a great foundation repair for a great price. We are Deep Rock Foundations, from the ground up.

Derek Denman, Owner and President

Derek Denman

Owner and President

Growing up in Galveston County just south of Houston and having lived here nearly our whole lives, my wife Sara and I have deep established roots in the community. We have built our business with “from the ground up” integrity because this is how we live our lives. Ask anyone who knows us. We are proud to stand before our friends, family and community to declare that we are the owners of Deep Rock Foundations.

Ben Gaul

Foundation Repair Consultant

Being established in our community, it was important for me to be on a team that I could believe in. Working with Deep Rock Foundations has been more than just a normal job but a chance to really do something well and help people around me. We really do care about the people we work with and work for and that means a lot to me. Doing it right every time means that I can stand proud of our work every day.

How Our Team Works

When most people arrive at a house, they look at the exterior, the landscaping, the color. As they enter, they look at the flooring or the counter tops and the kitchen layout. At Deep Rock Foundations, we look at your home “From the Ground Up”, studying the structure and the foundation that your house is built on. The intuitive thing that we all know, is that if you get the foundation right, the rest will likely turn out right as well. A wise builder digs down deep and builds his house on the rock. At Deep Rock Foundations, our business is built on a life of integrity and character that will not compromise for short-term gains but instead we have our eyes fixed on the long term legacy of our company. Therefore, our pursuit is to do everything that we do well, from the ground up.

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